Dockworkers plan June 10 start to strike in Brazil

Posted on 6/9/2014 by SuperUser Account

A nationwide dockworker strike is planned to begin on June 10 in Brazil, according to maritime services provider Inchcape Shipping Services.

A nationwide dockworker strike is planned to begin on June 10 in Brazil, according to maritime services provider Inchcape Shipping Services.

The strike, organized by the Union of Stevedores, is expected to affect stevedore operations in all ports across Brazil for an indefinite period and is predicted to cause considerable delays with cargo operations unless an early resolution can be reached with the Brazilian government, ISS said.

According to a maritime source, speculated that the stevedores will begin striking on June 10 to take advantage of the opportunity to attract worldwide attention, as the FIFA World Cup is set to begin two days later on June 12. The source said the strike is likely not directly associated with the ongoing public demonstrations against the World Cup, but rather associated with general labor issues in Brazil.

Dockworkers in Brazil held occasional strikes in 2013 to protest legislation allowing the sale of port terminals to private companies that Brazil’s Congress passed on May 16, 2013, which made them fear a loss of jobs and benefits, Reuters reported. Brazilian dockworkers held a one-day strike in July last year, affecting ports across the country, including the ports of Santos, Rio Grande, Espírito Santo, Fortaleza, Pernambuco and São Luiz, Reuters said. That strike delayed the loading of 13 container ships at the port of Santos.

In 2013, Brazil’s top containerized imports from the U.S. were granite, with 27,177 TEUs; logs and lumber, with 24,621 TEUs; and paper and paperboard, including waste, at 18,080 TEUs, according to PIERS, the data division of JOC Group. During the same time period, Brazil’s Top 3 containerized exports to the U.S. were auto parts, at 16,314 TEUs; wood pulp, with 14,300 TEUs; and synthetic resins, with 13,583 TEUs.

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